Week of October 24, 2011

Story No. 1 – TVCC’s Rip Drumgoole dies: Trinity Valley Community College Vice President of Student Services Dr. W.P. “Rip” Drumgoole passed away Thursday morning after a long battle with cancer.
Why it is important: Rip was truly one of the good guys. He was a part of the TVCC family since 1973 and was heavily involved in the Athens community. He was a member of the Athens Rotary Club, Cain Center Board of Directors, the Athens Economic Development Corporation, the East Texas Arboretum and the Henderson County Girls Softball Association.
Learn more: Here is the story from TVCC.

Story No. 2 – BIG Friday of football: There are two huge football games Friday night. Both the Athens Hornets and the Malakoff Tigers will clinch playoff spots with wins Friday night. Both teams would be entering the postseason for the third consecutive year. In both cases, it would be for the first time in school history. Malakoff will be on the road in Elkhart. Athens will be home to host Rusk, with White-out scheduled.
Why it is important:
 Come on, this is Texas. Do I really have to answer that?
Learn more:
 Here is info on the Athens White-out.
 If you don’t get enough football on Friday night, then No. 9 TVCC will be taking on No. 6 Navarro at Bruce Field 3 p.m. Saturday. And if you STILL need more, the Cowboys will be in a divisional battle with the Eagles Sunday night at 7:30 p.m.

Story No. 3Burn Ban extended again: Tuesday morning, Henderson County Commissioners’ Court extended the burn ban on a 3-1 vote.
Why it is important: How can this be a top story considering that the burn ban has been in effect continuously since April? Because it could be coming to an end, if only temporarily. This week marked the first time the vote wasn’t unanimous (Ronny Lawrence voted no), and the Keetch-Bynum Index is at its lowest in several weeks – and that was before rain fell Thursday. But if the ban is lifted you better be ready to take care of business because it probably won’t be off for long. Everybody and their uncle in the weather game is saying the Texas drought will extend into next year.
Learn more: Here is the Athens Review story and The Malakoff News story.

Story No. 4 – Monarch Utilities water/sewer rate case: How would you like to pay more than $200 a month for your water and sewer? Neither do Monarch customers. Both State Rep. Lance Gooden and State Sen. Robert Nichols have written letters supporting the nearly 3,000 Henderson County customers in their rate case.
Why it is important: Decisions made in this case could have a far reaching impact on legislation the next time lawmakers meet in Austin.
Learn more: The Malakoff News has a story.

Story No. 5 –  Former Eustace Principal Karen Mullin named Region 7 Principal of the Year: Karen Mullin was named the Region 7 Principal of the Year. I can’t say “Principal Karen Mullin” because the Eustace ISD school board removed her from her position after a 7-year-old photo of her mooning someone came to light. Oh, and EISD has to pay her twice as much to not be the principal. To add to the fun, the old photo was found by a former member of the Eustace City Council, who then shared it with the school. Lawsuits are pending all around.
Why it is important: Someone is going to end up with egg on their face in this situation. It is an object lesson in how things can quickly go wrong.
Learn more: The Athens Review has the story.

Bonus Story – The Texas Rangers: By Saturday morning, the Texas Rangers will either be World Series Champions or they will forever be the team that was twice just one strike away from their ultimate goal and failed. Let’s all hope next week we’ll be talking about the Rangers parade.

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