Week of February 13, 2012

Story No. 1 – Atheist threatens to sue county:
A San Antonio man has drawn a bulls-eye around the Henderson County’s nativity scene, and he isn’t going to be happy with just a banner like the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
Why it is important: This particular activist has a long history of filing lawsuits and gaining concessions.
Learn more: The Malakoff News tells why county officials are taking this guy seriously, and why he’s so mad in February.

Story No. 2 – Former commissioner calls out Spitzer: We may still be waiting for a definite primary date (see Story No. 4), but there is no timeout from the political games. A former Kaufman County commissioner accused District 4 State Rep. candidate Dr. Stuart Spitzer with breaking the law with one of his video ads this week.
Why it is important: Although the issue seems minor, the way it plays out can reveal a lot about the candidates.
Learn more: Here’s a report in the Forney Post. That piece doesn’t give Spitzer’s side, but his campaign gave the following statement to The (Mabank) Monitor: “We have not received anything from the ethics commission regarding Dr. Spitzer,” said political consultant Luke Macias, “so there’s nothing to comment on at this time.”

Story No. 3 – Opposition forms against no smoking ordinance: The Athens City Council’s ordinance to ban smoking in public places hit some opposition this week. A group from Eddy’s, a new club on FM 2495 (the old Lakeview Lodge), said the ordinance would shut them down.
Why it is important: After the meeting, one city official told 5 Things it is likely that there will be changes to the proposed ordinance.
Learn more: The Athens Review has a report on the meeting.

Story No. 4 – Primary date still moving: A panel of three federal judges in San Antonio heard lawyers debate redistricting maps this week … again. And it looks like the primary election is going to be moved back … again. The new date possible is May 29, but we are not sure …. again.
Why it is important: Because no one is going to get their voter registration cards – or even know who is running – until this is resolved.
Learn more: The Austin American Statesman has some info.

Story No. 5 – A night for dads and daughters: Athens Christian Preparatory Academy will be hosting its 4th Annual Father-Daughter Ball this Saturday night at Eastern Hills Church of Christ in Athens.
Why it is important: In a time when it seems our society seems to have given up on concepts such as courtesy, politeness and plain good manners, it is nice to see such a genteel event for the community.
Learn more: The Athens Review has the details.

*BONUS STORY – Lunch the vending way: There is a cool new spot on the square in Athens now called The Break Room. It is a vending cafe.
Why it is important: There’s nothing else like it in town and The Break Room fills an interesting niche that could become an afternoon hangout.
Learn more: Blogger Michael Hannigan checked it out here.

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