Week of January 23, 2012

(Photo credit The Athens Chamber of Commerce)

Story No. 1 – Citizen of the Year: Judith McGilvray was named the Athens Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year during the chamber banquet last Friday. East Texas Medical Center was the Business of the Year. The Ambassador of the Year was Darlene Clark.
Why it is important: Because these are prestigious awards with a long history.
Learn more: The Athens Review has the story.

Story No. 2 – Limited time to save primary: Leaders from the Texas Democratic and Republican parties are scheduled to meet today to see if the April 3 primary date can be saved. All they have to do is agree on redistricting maps.
Why it is important: Get ready for more moving election dates.
Learn more: The Texas Tribune had a good story early in the week.

Story No. 3 – Brewery coming to town: First Athens went wet and now it is getting a brewery. The Cedar Creek Brewery will be opening on Highway 175 between Athens and Eustace.
Why it is important: New business is always good, plus the brewery is going to host tours on Saturdays.
Learn more: We first learned about this when The Malakoff News posted a link to this Pegasusnews.com story.

Story No. 4 – TVCC women still undefeated: The No. 1-ranked Trinity Valley Lady Cardinals are 20-0 after an easy win over San Jac Wednesday night.
Why it is important: We could be seeing a very special season unfolding in Athens. Remember, the coaches Landers (Michael and Kenya) took the Lady Cardinals to the national championship game last year but came up short. Could this year see a triumphant return?
Learn more: Jayson Larson has a story.

Story No. 5 – Power out at courthouse: There was some excitement at the Henderson County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon when a wire leading into a transformer in the basement shorted out and caught fire. Judge Richard Sanders said the fire was quickly extinguished with no other damage, although one employee did get stuck in the elevator when the power went out. She was rescued pretty quickly by maintenance, however, said Sanders.
Why it is important: Truthfully, it wasn’t THAT big a deal: the fire was put out, the employee got out of the elevator, and Oncor came and fixed the problem. But it is still the type of story that gets around.
Learn more: The Review had a short story.


Week of November 14, 2011

Story No. 1 – Kurt Budke dies in plane crash: Oklahoma State University head basketball coach Kurt Budke was killed in a plane crash Thursday. He was on a recruiting trip.
Why it is important: Coach Budke led the TVCC Lady Cardinals to four national championships during his tenure from 1993-2000.
Learn more: The Huffington Post has more information on this story. Here is his TVCC Hall of Fame bio.

Story No. 2 – Thanksgiving: The holiday season kicks off with Turkey Day next week, and there are plenty of community events on tap to get things going.
Why it is important: Who doesn’t look forward to this time of year? Plus, with a chance to run in the Turkey Trot or have Breakfast with Santa, there’s no reason to just sit on the couch. There’s even a community Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Recovery by the Cross in Athens.
Learn more: Here’s a list of events from the Athens Review. Here is some information about Recovery by the Cross.

Story No. 3 – Malakoff, Eustace still playing football: Malakoff will take on East Chambers, and Eustace will face Melissa in area round playoff football action Friday night.
Why it is important: It is a week before Thanksgiving and we still have football being played by Henderson County teams – how cool is that!
Learn more: Once again, Jayson Larson at the Athens Review is the one to look to for football previews.

Story No. 4 – Judges weigh in on Monarch rates: Last week, State Office of Administrative Hearing (SOAH) judges put a Monarch water rate case on hold and pushed rates back to their former level. A Monarch spokeswoman says the company has more than 4,500 connections in Henderson County.
Why it is important: Investor owned utilities are becoming a hot topic in Austin. This is only the second time SOAH judges have set interim rates and both times involved Henderson County.
Learn more: Here is a story from The Malakoff News.

Story No. 5 – Redistricting maps: Federal judges on Thursday released maps for Texas House and Senate districts. The maps will be used while a lawsuit works its way through the federal court system.
Why it is important: Locally, Henderson County remains split between House District 10 and District 4. Depending on which map is chosen (there are two), District 10 might actually get even more of Henderson County.
Learn more: Here’s a story from the Texas Tribune.