5 Things Extra: Athens still pursuing No Smoking ordinance

The discussion continues at Athens City Hall regarding a Smoking Ban ordinance.

Wednesday (Nov. 9) afternoon, council members and staff talked about the issue during a workshop meeting. Although any action is likely weeks away still, the proposed ordinance is rounding into shape.

As currently discussed, the ordinance would ban all smoking inside of public buildings. That includes restaurants, stores, government buildings, offices – anywhere open to the public.
It looks like the ordinance will allow smoking outdoors in these places, as long as the designated smoking area is at least 20 feet away from entrances.

The ban may also include structures like pavilions, concession stands, bathrooms, and baseball stands at the parks in the city (Cain, Coleman and Kiwanis). Again, as discussed Wednesday, smoking would be allowed 20 feet from these structures.

City officials said there would be two public hearings before any ordinance is voted upon.